Chetan Naik
Graduate Student at Stony Brook University
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Process Representations for Question Answering

As part of the AI2 Project Aristo, we are developing a question answering system that can recognize instances of processes. We are designing a system that can automatically identify the key semantic roles and use them in an alignment framework to answer questions. Project involves extending state-of-the-art techniques in NLP and Machine learning.


Semantic Role Labeling for Process Recognition Questions 2015
Samuel Louvan, Chetan Naik, Veronica Lynn, Ankit Arun, Niranjan Balasubramanian, and Peter Clark
K-CAP Scientific Knowledge Workshop 2015. PDF Poster

Cross Sentence Inference for Process Knowledge Extraction 2016
Samuel Louvan, Chetan Naik, Heeyoung Kwon, Sadhana Kumaravel, Niranjan Balasubramanian, and Peter Clark
To appear in EMNLP 2016. PDF